mardi 1 septembre 2015

Riding Governor Island #farewellparty


Today was another great day in the city.
As a farewell party, we went riding on governor island. Pretty cool.

Just take a $1 ferry and rent a bike on the island. Well basically you have to come back, so it will cost you another $1. Short trip: 10mn by boat. And still such an amazing view over New York financial district skyline. I don't know if one day I will get get bored of this breathtaking picture. I hope I won't.
Or at least, I will try to keep this image in my mind whenever I will miss New York.

Tonight I feel like a chapter of my history is begin turned. Almost everyone has a new job, except from me. And I am still not ready to look for a new one. I still pretend that I am not going back in a couple of weeks. I can't. As I usually say "if we don't talk about the problems, there is no problem". But my body keeps on reminding me that I have to make a decision. But I can't.

So I just work out 4 or 5 times a week, because you know, in Paris I won't be able to. For sure. There won't be any gym good enough, close enough or cheap enough there, you know. And there won't be any Zlatan (actually his name is Fabian but he has such a strong Serbian accent or whatever that we decided to rename him Zlatan. A gay Zlatan, shorter and dancer, anyway, Zlatan) or any Jeff. Ah, Jeff. My spinning instructor. So cute. So nice. So good at encouraging us sweating as if we were really climbing all these hills. Jeff. 💜 I may have a crush on him, even if, let's face it, he presents some imperfections: I don't understand half of what he says (so I have to seat at the front row, obviously), he's too short with freckles (but as he's sitting on a bike in the dark, who cares?) and he's also probably gay too, but anyway, I'll miss him.

I just keep on pretending everything is fine and that I just want to enjoy New York for the few days to come but as I said my body reminds me of the truth most of the times. It seems that I have been under a lot of stress apparently (don't understand why).

I am buying plenty of things I won't find in Paris (including corn bread mix). I feel like I have to try every burger joint I find on my way, because in Paris, you know, there is no burger joint. Not as here. I know what Parisian will respond to that "now we have food trucks and a lot of excellent burger in Paris". Uh. Paris is just a pale copy of that. New York wannabe... (And here I know I am very snob...)

Now that we've had this farewell party, that I've moved to this new place in Chelsea (pretty cool, look at the deck we have on the 15th floor), it all happens all of a sudden. I will have to come back. But still not yet. Still not ready. Tomorrow is my birthday, please, leave me in peace.

Pays/territoire : Chelsea Manhattan

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