dimanche 31 janvier 2016

Long time no see


Long Time no see I know... But I've been busy for the last three months. Actually no, I haven't been that much busy, but more or less a bit depressed. Not that big depression you can't get out of your bed, no. Just a little something, deeply buried, almost unconscious, but still there, whatever you do, wherever you go (🎼🎤🎻). It's nothing big but it's there and you don't really want to face it.
Sometimes it's there when somebody asks you "So, you're back? How was it?" With that look at you full of admiration you're not even allow to say anything else but "awesome. It was awesome."

Sometimes it occurred to me when everything -and I mean everything- reminds me of it and makes me cry. In December -so far the saddest month since I'm back- I found myself crying in front of the Christmas tree I could see in the street from my balcony because it reminded me of the Rockefeller one, which is about 100 times as big and decorated as this one. I found myself crying many times on my way to the office, while listening to Taylor Swift, because Taylor Swift is nothing here compared to her over presence there. Hem. Sometimes I feel like listening to  some good pop music could make me feel happy; so I turn on the radio (I try to diversify the channels, so I am not only listening to France Inter, trust me), and I get Maitre Gimms and Kendji Girac... 
Well, speaking of music, let's say they could be a real reason to cry for...

No, really December 2015 sucked. And so did the beginning of January 2016.

But then I went on a one-week vacation, a family trip to the French mountains and I have to say, this made me feel better. First of all I slept for two solid 12-hour nights, which is remarkable for the length of these nights and because I haven't been sleeping for a good proper night since August! Then, I love mountains. I love mountains in winter, I love mountains in summer, I love mountains all along the year. I still think that one day, I will live there. Just a couple of things to solve (find a job, drive in the snow without being afraid, have my future family accepting to move there, in this order) and it should be possible within 15 years.

These family holidays were a nice break in my new Parisian life, which is not exactly what it was before I left, and which is also quite different from my life there. I think I will talk to you later about this mixed feeling called "impatriation" you have to face when you "return home". For the moment, let's just keep the positive effects of these holidays 😃

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  1. La dernière photo est super belle !! :)

  2. hihi merci :)
    le ciel était en feu c'était canon

  3. Voilà ce qui arrive lorsqu'on essaie de s'échapper de France Inter ...


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